Halal Certification Process

Here you can read more about how we go about halal certification of a product. You also get information about what the halal certification process is about.


We have a strong and credible brand that we built up since 2012. Our halal certificate and our halal log / halal stamp are reliable and linked to a unique QR code that can be checked directly in the store.

Certification scheme

Our certification scheme provides you with guidelines and halal criteria that are important to be met in order to obtain a halal certificate. It will be sent to you when we receive your application.

Halal & Haram

The words halal and haram are often heard in connection with meat and other foods. What do they really mean? Which products are halal versus haram?


Here you can fill out an application for halal certificate. As soon as we have received your application, an administrator will process your application and return with message and information about the next step in the process.


Here you can hopefully find answers to the questions you have. If you are unlikely to find an answer to your question, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail or telephone, and we will help you to answer your question.