Our logo / halal stamp is our trademark and is therefore registered and design protected by the Patent and Registration Office. Our logo may be printed with advantage as a halal stamp on the products that we halal certified but may not be used by anyone without our written consent. Nor should it be stamped by anyone on non-halal certified products. We report the police any abuse of the logo.

We provide each halal certificate with a unique number and a specific QR Code that is linked to the certificate register on our website. A guarantee and confirmation that the certificate is genuine. Scan the QR Code with your smartphone to check the authenticity of the certificate. In other words, if you do not find information about the certificate on our website when you scan the QR Code, there is a risk that the certificate is not genuine. Then contact us for a check. On the same website you can also check the validity of the certificate and for which products it applies.

We also supply each product with our halal stamp and our QR Code to be printed on the product’s packaging. This is to give the consumer the opportunity to check the authenticity and validity of the halal certificate with their smartphone directly in the store.

Try scanning the following QR Code: