Scandinavian Halal Certification AB

المؤسسة الأسكندنافية لإصدار شهادة الحلال

Are you looking for a halal certificate?

We provide you with a halal certificate for the Swedish market and for export to abroad

About us

Scandinavian Halal Certification AB is Sweden's first halal certification body specializing in issuing qualified halal certificates. Click on the title above to read more about us.


By clicking on the headline above you can read more about how the halal certification process looks from what we get into your application for what we issue a halal certificate.


Once a completed application has been received, an inspector will handle your application and return with a message. Click on the heading above to access the application form.


Here you will hopefully receive answers to all your questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question please email it to us and we will answer it. Click on the title above to get answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Here you will find names of some companies that we have halalcertified their products. Click on the heading above to see a list of these companies.

Certification scheme

Our certification scheme provides you with guidelines and halal criteria that are important to be met in order to obtain a halal certificate. It will be sent to you when we receive your application.

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