about us

Scandinavian Halal Certification AB  is Sweden’s first halal certification body that specializes in issuing qualified halal certificates for meat products, food products, medicines, pastries, sweets, dairy products, drinks etc.
We also halal certify activities such as restaurants, hotels and slaughterhouses that comply with halal slaughter in accordance with Islam’s regulations and Swedish animal welfare legislation.

Scandinavian Halal Certification AB is a member of the ”Animal Welfare Sweden” and we have a certificate of competence in ”Animal care for slaughter and killing” from the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

In addition to the Imam Committee, our organization also consists of a Technical Committee responsible for control, audit and inspection.

We also offer advice and tips on halal issues to Swedish companies in their trade and business contacts with the Muslim world.

Scandinavian Halal Certification AB is a member of the International Halal Integrity Allaince (IHI).

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