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Certified Companies
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Here you will find important documents about halal and haram in Islam when it comes to food and food products.
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Halal accreditation process flowcard

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The company applying for halal certificate by completing an application form. A complete list of all the ingredients used for the manufacture of the product and the manufacturing process must be submitted. The origin of all ingredients must be known, and if they in turn have a halal certificate or not. The materials used in production, such as cleaners, pesticides, etc and packaging and printing materials to be indicated. As a guide, special attention will have to be made for any animal or poultry products, livestock or poultry by-products, alcohol or products containing alcohol. A full disclosure of all ingredients (raw materials and additives) and data sheets must be submitted showing:
  1. Name of the ingredient.
  2. Is any ingredient animal based? What kind of animal?.
  3. Is there any alcohol in the production process or used in the cleaning of the production facilities?.
  4. Contact information for the supplier of the ingredients.
  5. Is there a halal certificate for the ingredients?.
  6. A detailed description of the manufacturing process must be provided.

Islamguidens Halalcertifiering AB acknowledge receipt of the application and provide a cost estimate of what halal certificate will cost. If the company accepts the quotation and want to continue with halalcertifierings process, the company will pay 500 Crowns to the plusgironumber 65 60 80-9 as processing fee regardless of the end result.

When details of the ingredients and the technical data sheet has been submitted, one of our food specialists verifies them. If there is any doubt about any of the ingredients, whether they are halal or haram, rejected product and the customer is given the option to either close the case or find a suitable replacement for the ingredients that were rejected. If the contrary, the data is found to be within the guidelines of halal approval, it is time to review the plant and the manufacturing process.

We send a representative to inspect the plant and carefully review the manufacturing process to ensure that everything is in accordance with Islamic halal principles.Samples are taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis in cases of doubt.

Our representative will submit an inspection report for approval after the visit. A halal certificate is issued if the report is positive otherwise dismissed the application with suitable proposals. If the client implements the proposed measures, a new inspection and approval issued a halal certificate otherwise rejected the application completely. Halal certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed every year in order to be valid.

Halal certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed every year in order to be valid. Renewal is done by an approved annual audit. In addition to an annual audit, we make also unexpected/unannounced inspections.

We offer 10% discount on halal certification fee to new customers.

Tell people about our Halal Certification and recruit a new customer and you will get for each customer: