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Certified Companies
Click on the picture below to see which companies we halal certified so far in Sweden:
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Here you will find important documents about halal and haram in Islam when it comes to food and food products.
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Halal Certification

Our halal certification is a trademark rests on IslamGuidens reputation capital of the muslim population in Sweden. When we halal certificate a food, it's a recognition that the product is halal, i.e. it is permitted in accordance with the principles of Islam and it is allowed to be consumed by muslim consumers.

Our well-known halal stamp on your product is trustworthy in the muslim consumer, while providing you and your company a significant competitive advantage both in Sweden and abroad. Our halal stamp can be used also for food / products exported to muslim countries. AB Bakels Aromatic is one of our major customers who has halal certificated 98 products for export to muslim countries.

Excluding food halal certification, we are also offer our halal certification to restaurants, slaughterhouses, shops who selling meat, interest-free financial and credit systems, etc.. More on how the concept works, see the menu on the left.

Our halal stamp is our trademark and is registered and design protected by Patent and Trademark Office , and may not be used by anyone without our written permission. It may not be stamped by someone on non halal certified products.

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We offer 10% discount on halal certification fee to new customers.

Tell people about our Halal Certification and recruit a new customer and you will get for each customer: