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Certified Companies
Click on the picture below to see which companies we halal certified so far in Sweden:
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Here you will find important documents about halal and haram in Islam when it comes to food and food products.
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What is Halal Certification?
  Halal Certification is a certification of a food / product that they are permitted for a Muslim to eat or use according to islam.
what are you halal certify?
  We halal certify foods such as bread, pastries, cakes, ice cream, sweets and more. We also certify halal slaughterhouses, restaurants, kiosks, shops and even interest-free economic system..
Can you help us with halal certification of products that we export to Muslim countries?
  Obviously, we can help you with that. A company that already made it with us is Åse-Glass, which is halal certified eight ice cream types intended for export market.
Why should I halal certify my products?
  By halal certifying your products you suddenly get around 400 000 new customers among Muslims in Sweden who will choose your products over non halal certified products. Do you export to Muslim countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia or the Middle East, it is often a requirement imposed by the countries to halal certify your products.
I have already a halal restaurant, but I wish to put your stamp on the storefront, is it ok?
  We will send a representative who is an expert on halal and haram issues and who inspects your restaurant and examine the raw materials, meat, etc. that you use in cooking and then halal certifying your restaurant, if this is the case. You will then receive a stamp that you can put up on the display window to show that your restaurant is Halal certified.

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