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Certified Companies
Click on the picture below to see which companies we halal certified so far in Sweden:
Document Archive
Here you will find important documents about halal and haram in Islam when it comes to food and food products.
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As soon as we receive the application and processing fee of 700 swedish crowns we will return with a quote. Our estimate is based on the type of business, number of items and their content, the number and type of country you want to export. The inspection and possible sampling and laboratory analyzes also result in additional costs.

At the halal certification of such restaurants, slaughterhouses and interest-free financial loan system, it is further factors that affect the cost assessment. It is therefore difficult to come up with a cost estimate in advance before we started processing the application.

Travel costs for an inspector at any inspection of the customer's production paid by the customer.

Please see also: Halal accreditation process flowcard

We offer 10% discount on halal certification fee to new customers.

Tell people about our Halal Certification and recruit a new customer and you will get for each customer: