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Certified Companies
Click on the picture below to see which companies we halal certified so far in Sweden:
Document Archive
Here you will find important documents about halal and haram in Islam when it comes to food and food products.
Quran Learning Articles for kids


Application for halal certification, you can do by downloading and filling out the application form below and return it to us as a pdf file to our email: halalcertifiering@gmail.com

Please pay also 700 Swedish krona (SEK) as the processing fee to:

Country: SWEDEN
Account Owner: Islamguidens Halalcertifiering AB
IBAN: SE80 9500 0099 6042 0656 0809

NOTE! It is important to fill in all the information in the form and send with data sheets, product sheets, product specifications, etc. to facilitate and expedite the processing of your application.

As soon as the processing fee received in the account, we will initiate the proceedings. The processing fee is not refundable and is regardless of whether the application is approved or denied. After we have processed your application, you will receive a cost proposal via e-mail.

We offer 10% discount on halal certification fee to new customers.

Tell people about our Halal Certification and recruit a new customer and you will get for each customer: